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Fresher’s Day for the 17 th Batch BDS was conducted in the month of June.
The main motto was to introduce the New Future Doctors To Be to the Azeezian
Campus; and to know and to bond with each of the new individual, so that they could
blend into the beginning of their new life journey with Azeezia.

The program commenced from 10am of 5 th June 2022 with our interns hosting
the Event. Principal Dr. Radhakrishnan Nair K inaugurated the Program. It was
further followed by an inspiring speech by Vice Principal Dr. Rathy R .The other
Delegates – Dr. Deepika C S, Dr. William Thomas, Dr. Mithula, Dr. Saranya were
also present.

Certain Cultural Entertainment Programs were put forward by the Newcomer’s
with varities of Dances, Songs, Instrumentation, among which the traditional
Kalaripayattu stole the hearts of audiences.

The program was concluded by 12.30pm with the vote of thanks presented by
our Intern