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Student Club

The Students club is involved in various dimensions of art, personality development,cultural activities, soft skills, photography and sports which are integral for personal and professional growth for any individual in today’s competitive world.

•    To provide a platform for students to rediscover and enhance their hidden talents

•    To nurture an interest in art
•    To motivate the participants to rediscover their inner strengths 
•    To improve their imagination skill
•    To inculcate organizational skills, self awareness and self discipline to the participants 

• To provide support and enrichment for those students seeking a creative outlet in addition to their academic schedule
• To bring about a positive change in the personality of the student
• Organize enrichment outing to a museum, art gallery, wildlife parks and science exhibitions.

To develop creativity and self expression 
•    To provide a more relaxed and informal setting to discuss and work on art and life