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The Research Committee represents the research interests and activities of AzeeziaDental College. It aims to Cultivate, Design and Execute high-quality multidisciplinary research in our institution. The policy includes initiation, facilitation, integration and support of research projects conducted by Undergraduates, Postgraduate students and Faculty. The Research Committee provides a mechanism for these research groups to interact within Azeezia Dental College, with external collaborating individuals and organisations. The Research Committee is the responsible body for managing this interaction.

The Research Committee offers timely and complete critical appraisal and technical guidance to the submitted research proposals. The review of the submitted research proposals is an in-house exercise, where an attempt is made to assess its feasibility, to improve relevance to the regional context, technical quality and ethical aspects of proposed research. The research committee encourages Good Research Practice and Good Authorship Practices at Azeezia Dental College.