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Important Health Days from 2018-2022


Sl noHealth DaysDate
1Republic Day26th January
2World Oral health Day20th March
3World Health Day7th April
4World No Tobacco Day31st May
5World Environment Day5th June
6World Hepatitis Day28th July
7National Nutrition Week1st to 7th September
8National Tooth brushing Day14th November
9World Aids Day1st December


Sl noHealth DaysDate
1World Human Rights Day29th January
2Conso- Endo day11th March
3World Oral health Day20th March
4World Health Day7th April
5World No tobacco day31st May
6National Doctor’s Day3rd June  
7National Public Health Dentistry day19th June
8National Oral Hygiene day1st August
9World Mental Health day10th October
10World food day22nd October
11Children’s dayNovember 11-16
12National Day of Cancer Awareness7thNovember
13World AIDS day1st December
14World Disability day3rd December


Sl noHealth DaysDate
1World cancer day4th and 5th February
2Health Lifestyle Awareness day22nd February
3National Dentist Day6th March
4National Public Health Dentistry day19th June
5International day of YOGA21st June
7National Youth Day12th August
8World Mental Health day10th October


Sl noHealth DaysDate
1World Cancer Day4th February  
2National dentist day6th March
3International women’s day8th March
4World Oral Health Day20th March
5World No Tobacco day31st May
7World Environment DayJune 1 to 5th  
8National Public Health Dentistry day19th June
9National Doctors Day1st July
10World Hepatitis Day28th July
11Oral Hygiene day1st  and 2nd August
12International youth day12th   August
13National Nutrition week1-7 September
14International Charity Day6th September
15World Mental health day9th and 10th October
16Global Hand washing Day15th October
17National Tooth Brushing Day6th November
18National Cancer Awareness Day6th November
19World Aids Day1st December
20National Pollution control day2nd December
21International Disability day3rd December
22National Hand Hygiene Awareness week6 to 12th December
23Human Rights day  10th December
24National Energy Conservation day14th December


Sl noHealth DaysDate
1World Cancer Day4th February
2Cancer Awareness Campaign24th February
3National Dentist Day6th March
4World oral health day (Oral Health week)  20- 25th March  
5World Water day22nd March
7World Health Day (World Health week)2nd April to 8th April
8Countdown to International Yoga Day14th May
9World NO Tobacco Day30 and 31st May
10World Environment day5th June
11World Blood Donors Day14th June
12International Day of Yoga21st June
13National Public Health Dentistry Day22,23rd and 25th June
14National Doctors Day1st July
15World Blood Donors Day26th July
16World Hepatitis Day28th July
17Oral Hygiene Day1st August
18Independence day celebration15th August