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Performance appraisal system for teaching and non teaching staff

Institution has performance appraisal system for teaching staff non teaching staff and students.

The performances are evaluated based on the following categories:

  • Teaching learning and evaluation related activities
  • Co curricular, extension and professional development related activities.
  • Research publications and academic contributions.

Performance reports are analysed by IQAC and communicated to the top management. Those who have satisfactory performance are appreciated at appropriate forums ,corrective measures are taken whenever needed.


During the academic year 2015 to 21 faculties evaluated based on 10 parameters by two members IQAC and head of the department of respective departments.ACCORDING TO THEIR PERFORMANCE SUGGESTIONS WERE GIVEN TO THE STAFF MEMBERS TO IMPROVE THEIR TEACHING ABILITY. The evaluated criteria was submitted to the principal.

Feedback forms are issued to the students monthly . The feedback forms in the form of questionnaires collect information about the teacher and different aspects pertaining to the teaching process.

The team was through the feedback forms collected from the students and suggest suitable measures to improve the teaching learning process.


Students feedback is taken and analysed every year and the necessary steps initiated. During monthly meetings a problem reporting form is circulated and action is initiated on the basis of their feedback.

Non teaching staff

For non teaching staff supervisory evaluation will be performed every year

The candidate can be recommended for increment/ incentive when he/she has achieved the following:

  • Continuous growth in peer reviewed publications that may include reviews and book chapters.
  • Publication in a PubMed indexed journal as first author that have been published from the work done at Tagore.
  • Research activity that has been conducted in his/her own department and also with other departments
  • Evidence demonstrating excellence in educating students and/or activities directed at student learning
  • Receive invitations for seminars at outside institutions
  • Invitations Lecturer/panellist at specialty conferences
  • Chairperson in specialty conferences
  • Active member in the Speciality Associations
  • Service as a reviewer of manuscripts for peer-reviewed journals
  • Participation in service activities consistent with Departmental, College, and University.