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Student Support Guidance Programme

This Programme was initiated by Kerala University of Health Science (KUHS) for all the students enrolled in colleges affiliated to KUHS. This system aims to support and guide the undergraduate and postgraduate students to solve their various academic and personal problems. Dr Ameena, Reader from the Department of Oral Pathology and Dr William, Professor in the Department of Prosthodontics, are the nodal officers for KUHS in this programme.

Staff meetings are conducted every 6 months (twice in an academic year) to discuss the problems faced by the students in our institution. The students who consistently score less marks in the sessional exams or class tests and the students who are behind schedule in the clinical/pre-clinical work are referred to the nodal officers by the staff members. The nodal officers discuss the problems with the student on a personal basis and and suggest solution to the problems and give inputs to improve on academic front. The students who have family problems, learning disabilities or show signs of anxiety or depression are directed to the clinical psychologist of Azeezia Medical College for further management.