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  • Mentors are student centric guides who help young learners in their transitory phases andchallenging academic times. Mentoring program has been introduced for obtaininga realistic assessment of the learner’s performance and for providing inclusivespaces for academic growth and skillful development of the student’s community.Our faculty mentors offer their guidance, knowledge, experience and expertiseing promoting their mentees overall development. Mentoring is a loyal, sincere,confidential partnership between mentor and the student mentee. In our college,we provide faculty mentors for all the students and special mentors for thosestudents who need extra care and attention. Mentors’ emotional encouragementand motivation during challenging times serve to help students balance theiracademics and extracurricular activities.

To provide a reliable, comprehensive support system to encourage and motivate our students to achieve professional  and personal goals.To provide guidance, effective learning, and skillful development of our students and to identify Slow Learners(SL), Good Learners (GL), and Advanced Learners(AL) To help them to understand the challenges and to grabthe opportunities through guidance and support. Smooth transition to campus life and professional academic life.


Improvedacademic performance Excellent, socially committed professionals Help them to participate in outside college activities and excel Reshaping their goals and boost self confidence


Provide good orientation to the mentees about the academic program, institution and opportunities. Provide sustaine motivation and boost their self confidence Refer distressed or disturbed cases to the concerned committees/ department and collect feedbacks Monitoring psychological growth and progress Locating and solving attendance issues if any.Focus on progress oriented personal development Ensuring and providing necessary feedbacks to authorities and parents.Assisting in developing rights, responsibilities and values.