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Gender Equity

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Gender equity

Gender sensitization/Gender Equity

The institution has no compromise on security at the campus for
students. The security personnel monitor the movements occurring in the
campus on rotation basis 24 x7. CCTV camera provision helps to
records the events. Apart from the gymnasium, yoga and other sports
facilities to make women self- reliant, Self Defence is also taught to the
students in the hostel. Student grievance cell is managed under the
guidance of senior faculty to address the complaint filed by the students
and faculty. Medical outpatient department with attached observation
rooms are available to ensure students health 24 X 7. In our radiology
department maximum radiation protection measures are taken to protect
both patients and operator from radiation exposure. The management
often conducts review meetings to check the security status in the
In addition to this other action plans include-

  1. Sensitizing staff in workplace to set the standard for respectful
    behaviour at work.
  2. Sensitizing the new students within 3 months of admission.
  3. Conducting Mentor – Mentee meetings for all the students monthly to
    ascertain healthy atmosphere
  4. Social media usage sensitization after 4 months of admission.
  5. Ensure unbiased teaching &learning activities for all students.
  6. Provide equitable platforms whether sports, cultural, literary &
    training programs to all the students to exhibit their talents and skills.