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Report of International Women’s Day Celebration 2023

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Report of International Women’s Day Celebration 2023

With the Theme Digit All: Innovation and technology for Gender equality; # Embrace equity, International women day 2023 way celebrated on 8th of March all over the world. As a part of international women’s day 2023, Department of Public Health dentistry , Azeezia college of dental science and researchand NSS (NSS/SFU/KLM/KUHS/3)  joined together to celebrate the event by conducting an exhibition and sale at college premises.Miss Preetha Thonnakkal, a wheelchair user from Trivandrum, who runs, her own business of handmade jewellery which is truly an inspiration for us. To support her, an Exhibition and sale was conducted from 9:30 am to 4:00pm at NAAC room of Azeezia College of Dental Science of Research.

The Initiation of the Program was undertaken by Dr.Aarathi Vijayan, HOD, Department of Public Health Dentistry and co-ordinated by Dr Saira Siraj and Dr.Naveen Jacob Varghese, Senior Lecturer, Department of Public health dentistry. The interns of department were actively involved and participated in the program. The programme was inaugurated by Dr Midhlaj Abdul Aziz, Director of Azeezia College of Dental Sciences and Research by purchasing the jewellery, followed by Principal Dr. Radhakrishnan Nair and Vice Principal Dr Rathy. R. All the Staffs , PG ‘s ,  Interns, Student and non-teaching staffs also attended the exhibition and made it a grand success.A total amount of Rs. 14,560, was collected from the exhibition and handed over to Miss. Preetha Thonnakkal by Dr Aarathi Vijayan , Head of the Department of Public health Dentistry .