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World water day is held annually on 22nd March as a means of focusing attention on the importance of freshwater and advocating for the sustainable management of freshwater resources. On account of World Water day, the Department of Public Health Dentistry ,NSS unit (NSS/SFU/KLM/KUHS/3) of Azeezia Dental College organized a visit to Water Treatment plant at Azeezia Medical College, to study the process of water filtration and it’s supply carried out in our college.

The Water Treatment Plant is the process of removing all those substances whether biological, physical or chemical that is potentially harmful for human and domestic use.  There are 7 major steps involved in large scale Water Treatment Plant.

1 SCREENING – To protect its main unit of a treatment plant and aid in their efficient operation.

There are coarse and fine screens.

   a) Coarse screens- made of corrosion resistance steel bar

   b) Fine screens- which come after the coarse screens, keep out the material that can blocl pipe work at the plant.

2.AERATION – After screening the water is aerated by passing it over a series of steps to taken in oxygen from air.

3.COAGULATION AND FLOCCULATION- After aeration coagulation occurs to remove the fine particles suspended in the water. The next step is flocculation, here the water is gently stirred by paddles in a flocculation basin and the flocs come into contact and forms larger flocs.

4.SEDIMENTATION- Once large floccs are formed they need to be settled out and this takes place in a process called sedimentation.

5.FILTRATION –  Filtration is the process where solids are separated from liquids.

6.CHLORINATION – After sedimentation the water is disinfected to eliminate any pathologic microorganisms.


The visit gave us knowledge about the purification of the water on large scale. We came to know about the importance of water purification and the steps involved. This was well explained by the manager of the water treatment plant.

As a part of this day, posters related to the importance of water were also displayed in front of the reception of the college.