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World cancer day is a global initiative led by the union for International cancer control (UICC) to face one our greatest challenge. Every year February 4th is observed as world cancer day since 2000.

The Department of Public health dentistry conducted a one week programme for creating awareness on oral cancer from 1st to 4th February 2022.

FEBRUARY 1, DAY 1 of oral cancer awareness week, the programme was officially inaugurated by Dr R. Rathy, Honourable Vice principal of Azeezia Dental college. This was followed by public health awareness programme conducted by Department of public health dentistry as a part of which posters were exhibited on reception area to create awareness amongst students and public.

FEBRUARY 2, DAY 2 Awareness talk on oral cancer was given to patients and bystanders by Interns of public health Dentistry Department.

FEBRUARY 3 DAY 3 Pamphlets on causes and signs of oral cancer were distributed amongst students and public.

FEBRUARY 4 DAY 4 Under the project Ashakiranam by QSSS( Quilon social service society ) and Caritas India , an awareness programme was conducted at Azeezia Dental college . The key speaker was Mr. Rineesh Sayon , consultant of Caritas India. The one hour session basically revolved around various schemes and policies undertaken by Caritas India for prevention and management of cancer.

As a part of the project Thanal , Ashakiranam with Caritas India and QSSS organized a cancer care campaign on 17th December 2021 at Fathima Matha college , kollam in which students ( Final year) of Azeezia Dental College , Department of public health dentistry donated Rs.5000 to the cancer affected family.

The programme was officially concluded at 4th February 2022 at 2.30 pm.